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- kasey

 I strive to create authentic and real moments so we can deliver not only photos, but memories that you will cherish.

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One of the more popular questions I get asked is if I recommend getting a second shooter and if they are worth the extra expense.  If you choose to add a second shooter you guarantee a wider variety of angles and perspectives of your day.  Below is a quick rundown of how I maximize and use my second shooters in order to ensure better coverage of your day.

–  For the first hour or two of the day, my second shooter works as both an assistant to me as well as someone capturing different angles or moments if I can’t be there.  This includes assisting me with capturing the bridal details and covering the guys hanging out and getting ready while I’m with the bride and her bridesmaids during their final moments of preparation.

Tiny Boxwoods / Kasey Lynn Photography

– First Look:  If you decide to have a first look, having a second shooter guarantees that we can capture the reactions of both you and your groom!

Ashton Gardens / Kasey Lynn Photography

– Pre-ceremony formals:  Lots of times while I’m focused on formals (arranging the groups, posing, directing, etc), there are moments happening behind me while family is waiting for their turn to be in pictures.  These moments often consist of parents hugging grandparents, bridesmaids looking on with huge smiles and their friend (the bride) is getting her photo taken, etc.  These are the moments my second shooter captures.

Woodlands Country Club / Kasey Lynn Photography

– Ceremony: Depending on the venue and their limitations on where we are allowed to be and/or move during the ceremony, there are several ways I use my second shooter, but I most always place them in a spot where they can get a different angle then me.  If possible, I always try to make sure parent’s faces are captured during the ceremony, up close faces of the bride and groom are captured as well as a the traditional shot from the back of the ceremony.  Having two shooters allows us to be in different places at the same time without having to move around and be distracting during the ceremony.

Crystal Springs / Kasey Lynn Photography

– Reception Details and Cocktail Hour:  After the ceremony we immediately go into family formals.  If your reception is at a different location from your ceremony venue, my second shooter will immediately head to the reception after your ceremony ends to photograph the reception space and details before your guests start arriving.  Once they arrive, they then cover cocktail hour.   This is a great opportunity for us to get photos of your guests.

The Grove / Kasey Lynn Photography

– Reception Events:  I’m a huge fan of having different perspectives during events.  While I’m focused on the bride and groom during their first dance, my second shooter is focused on mom and dad’s reactions.   While I’m photographing your sister giving a heartfelt toast, my second shooter is catching your mom wipe a tear from her eye.

While a second shooter is in no way required, you will get additional angles and moments covered if you choose to have a second shooter at your wedding.  I hope this helps explain the role of a second shooter and how they can add more diversity to the coverage of your wedding day.