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- kasey

 I strive to create authentic and real moments so we can deliver not only photos, but memories that you will cherish.

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Can you believe that up until last week I had never taken professional photos of my Mom and Dad?  I know!  I’m a horrible daughter!  In all fairness though, my Dad has been refusing to get photos taken because he hates them.  My Mom and I have been wanting to get some photos of her and my Dad together for a year or so now and we finally made it happen last weekend.

I can’t tell you how much these two mean to me.  They have been there for me for twenty-five years and I know that I’ll always be able to count on them if I need something.  Not only are they amazing parents, but my Mom and Dad are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this year.  I think that’s pretty darn fantabulous and I’m so happy for them!

As I said before, Dad was not a fan of getting his picture taken and spent most of the fifteen minute session making faces like this.  And yes, I’m totally going to put all the “outtakes” into a mini-album to show his future grandchildren.  By the way, he is going to kill me for posting these online.

  1. Kyndra Selmon says:

    Awwwww..they are lovely! So glad you finally got pictures of them together! And that is so awesome that they are about to celebrate 40 years!

  2. Laura says:

    Kasey – These makes me smile and laugh at the same time. Wonderful photos of my aunt and uncle. And your dad’s faces make the cake. Those are my favorites!

  3. Michelle says:

    your dad is so funny!! Great pictures, I’m sure he is so proud of you!

  4. Ana says:

    Kasey! What an awesome set of pics! wow I can see their personalities through the pics….They are a beautiful couple. I have had the honor to meet them once and they were just soooo sweet and funny! These pics will be treasured by them and your family! Congratulate them please on our behalf from Ivan and I….40 years wow!!! I may need to speak to your mom and get some pointers!!! 🙂
    Great Job!!! 🙂



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- kasey

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