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- kasey

 I strive to create authentic and real moments so we can deliver not only photos, but memories that you will cherish.

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I’m finally back in town after being away for a little less than a week.  I took my mom to New York City for a mother/daughter trip and we had a blast!  Neither one of us had been before so it was a first for both of us.  NYC is completely different from our southern roots of good ole’ Texas, but I enjoyed the trip.  We stayed downtown, one block away from Times Square which I loved.  The ease of being able to walk everywhere you need to go was amazing.  I love walking (especially in NYC where the weather isn’t 90+ degrees and no humidity).  However the real estate there?  Not so great compared to Texas.  🙂

Here’s a little bit of what I documented while we were in the Big Apple!

We arrived last Saturday morning and after making it to the hotel we decided to explore a little bit on foot, which led us to Times Square.

Mom and I watch Good Morning America in the mornings.  Here’s the studio where they film.

Mom in front of the Good Morning America Studio.

We found ourselves in a Sea of Yellow many times.  New York has cabs EVERYWHERE!

It’s a long story, but we ended up going on two Circle Line Harbor Cruises.

The first was a three hour ride to a place called Bear Mountain.  Here’s mom on the cruise to Bear Mountain.  It was windy up top which made it a little chilly.

Once we arrived at Bear Mountain we got off and took a thirty minute walk up the mountain to the Lake.  They had some music and entertainment going on as well as a small craft fair.  Mom and I are HUGE fans of crafts so we enjoyed that part, along with the awesome scenery along our walk up the mountain.

A sneak at our harbor ride as we made our way up the mountain.

Self-timer for the win!

I loved the colors of the trees there.  How I wish we had stuff like this here.

At the top!

I was pretty obsessed with this yellow tree.  Gorgeous!!!!

The following day we went on our second harbor cruise which showed us more of the sights.  You can’t go to New York and not see The Statue of Liberty.

The Brooklyn Bride

One afternoon we stopped in this little place for lunch.  It was delicious.

We took some Hop On/Hop Off bus tours.  Here’s mom at the top of our double decker bus.

We hopped off at Central Park.  I’m pretty convinced that Harley and Bandit would have loved this part!  The trees here are gorgeous!

See that boathouse in the background?  Look familiar? It’s the same one featured in 27 Dresses.

This was our ride through the park.

After Central Park we hopped back on the bus for the rest of the Uptown Tour.  I was obsessed with some of the architecture and buildings.

The view from the top of our double decker bus.

Times Square at night.

Lots of advertisements.

Our hotel

Mom and I on our next bus tour the following day.

The Flat Iron building

The 9/11 memorial

Even though New York is all city, there are a lot of little parks throughout the city as well.

Rockefeller Center…they were prepping it for the famous ice-skating rink which is set to open this Saturday.

Top of the Rock– Thanks to Nesa and Todd for the suggestion!  The weather was overcast/foggy and a bit rainy, but you can still see the city and central park here.

  1. Elissa says:

    Beautiful pictures Kasey!
    p.s. “Brooklyn Bride” – Haha I think you’re too used to writing about weddings 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    Some great shots in there Kasey! I love some of the early photos in this blog with your mom. But I have to laugh…you’re bundled up in a heavy coat and scarf and yet, did I see freaking flip-flops on your feet? Haha. You crack me up.

    Now you make me want to go to NYC again…and soon!



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- kasey

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