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 I strive to create authentic and real moments so we can deliver not only photos, but memories that you will cherish.

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One of the first questions I ask our couples when we start working on a photography timeline is if they want to have a first look. There are several reasons a couple might decide to have or not have a first look and I’m going to share a few reasons you might want to consider a first look.

The Farmhouse / Kasey Lynn Photography


A first look is when the bride and groom opt to see each other before the ceremony. It’s usually a private moment away from the eyes of family and friends and is often one of the few (if not the only) moment the bride and groom have to themselves the day of their wedding. Couples may opt for a first look for several reasons: time constraints, natural lighting, to calm the nerves, etc. Many couples decide against a first look because they really want that moment when they first walk down the aisle.

The Farmhouse / Kasey Lynn Photography


  • Sunset time. I usually encourage all of our late Fall/Winter couples to consider a first look if natural light portraits are important to them. Sunset takes place around 6pm during this time of year leaving little to no natural light left if your ceremony is later than 4:30pm.
  • You get to see each other before the ceremony. Any stress or nerves will be gone by the time the ceremony starts. I was a complete ball of emotions the day of our wedding, and seeing David helped clam me SO much.
  • You’ll have time to be in the moment. If you wait until your ceremony, you have to get right into the ceremony itself and not be able to be in the moment as long as you want.
  • Privacy. This was a big one for me as I usually prefer not being the center of attention, and we didn’t want an audience during our first moments together on our wedding day.
  • We can choose the location of your first look and ensure the lighting is going to be the most flattering for your photos. This is something we can’t always control during your ceremony.
  • Your guests won’t be waiting as long during cocktail hour for you to finish up photos. If you do a first look, we are usually able to get a majority of the family photos completed before the ceremony which means you get more time with your guests at the cocktail hour/reception.
  • More portraits of the two of you together. Since all (or most) of the family photos will be completed before the ceremony, that means more time for couple photos.
The Farmhouse / Kasey Lynn Photography

I want you to make the decision that is best for you as a couple. If you’re on the fence about a first look, or have any questions about what is best for your day and timeline, I’m happy to discuss different options and scenarios with you and give you my honest opinion about what I think would and wouldn’t work. We always support our couple’s decisions, and together we will come up with the perfect timeline for you.

The Farmhouse / Kasey Lynn Photography

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