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- kasey

 I strive to create authentic and real moments so we can deliver not only photos, but memories that you will cherish.

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Running a business isn’t for the faint of heart! There are so many amazing things about running this small business of mine, but there are also the not-so-glamourous days. The hard days, and I’m here for anything that helps make running this little business of mine a little easier (and a lot more organized).


I thought I would share three tools today that I use everyday in my business that help me, in hopes that they might help YOU too.  I don’t think I could make it without these three things, they have been a game changer for my business:


1. 17Hats – Trust me, just do it. This platform helps me so much! It helps manage client workflow, projects, runs my income/expense report, is how I send (and keep track of) client contracts and invoicing, etc. Their feature-packed platform saves me time and money, and lets me focus on what I do best – not paperwork. It does so much and I don’t know how I could ever go back to not using it.  If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, just click on the link below and that will take you right to the sign up page, where you can save more than 50%! Want to learn more about 17hats? Just check out https://www.17hats.com/r/hvdrvsrgxh.


2. MileIQ – I’m all about saving as much money as possible when tax season comes around (aren’t we all?), and those mile credits add up! Before I discovered this app, I was terrible at keeping track of all my mileage. MileIQ does all the hard word for you, detects when you’re in your car for a drive and keeps track of it for you! All you have to do is go in and classify the drives. When I first switched over to this, my CPA loved me!


3. My planner. I’m taking it back old school for this one. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with my to-do list I’m not sure where to start. My planner helps me manage my time by planning out my months/weeks/days and devoting specific time to specific tasks so I know what to do when. Knowing that I have devoted time for specific tasks helps make everything less overwhelming.


I hope these tools help you gain some of your time back in your daily life!

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